A Complete Green Revolution

Embedchip Technologies is one of the leading innovative firm involved in creating user friendly Embedded devices for our daily use.

We won't allow our users to think, instead we spend time to reduce the difficulties to use our product.

We are a creator of green revolution!


Scope of Embedded System

Get ready to explore about the latest technological advancement in Embedded systems. Through free seminars we bring awareness on the future of the embedded technology by throwing light on its evolution traces. Attended and get to know how Embedded systems can play a major role in this world.

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Customized Embedded Solution

Our clients are as unique and special as human finger prints, our products preserve even that. We create customized embedded devices for your requirements without disturbing your own style of living. The quality of our product and the excellence in our deliverance makes our client come back to us with confidence.

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Academic Solutions

We are happy and proud to sever the younger generation by providing customized lab equipment’s for institutions and guide the students for their academic projects with real time experience.

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Train Younger Minds

We are offering embedded system courses for the younger generation to know more about embedded system. As as part of our service we are providing placement assistance for candidates looking for embedded system.

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